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Econous Systems Inc is a research based technology development and contract services company.  We combine extensive experience, excellence and creativity in self-assembling monolayer (SAM) chemistry and biodetection platforms for the development and advancement of anti-fouling technologies, biocompatible materials and label-free detection of biomarkers in complex patient samples

Cutting-Edge Treatment

Econous offers contract research services to individual customers and and companies in many different industry sectors. Services include custom modified surfaces, as well as custom coating of biochips for existing biosensor technology. The company also uses its state of the art in-house label-free biosensors to provide low cost services for the detection of biomarkers in biological fluids to research institutions and the biomarker and drug discovery industry

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Econous’ primary focus is on applications for clinical molecular diagnostics and biocompatible materials for prosthetic and surgical medical devices. 

Self-Assembling Monolayers (SAMs)

Econous licenses its technology to instrumentation companies that focus on biochemical immobilization and interaction studies. Companies looking to improve the biocompatibility of their implantable and surgical medical devices or any other companies requiring specialized or unique surface coatings for their application should contact us for further information.